• It has been my privilege to be closely affiliated with Oakfield (Easton Maudit) Ltd for many years and it is good to be part of this family.

    Oakfield Easton Maudit & Oakfield Yardley Hastings are two very special places and home to the residents & tenants. It is a joy to visit and the residents are always pleased to see you. They are eager to tell you what they have been up to including day to day activities, hobbies and holidays.

    We have an excellent team of dedicated, conscientious, professional and caring staff.

    Each resident is precious and has their own unique characteristic.

    You will be very pleased and impressed with what you see if you do choose to visit.

    Tom Partridge-Underwood


  • To Everyone at Oakfield

    Thank you so much for my birthday presents, I really love them, it's so kind of you all and thanks to everyone who attended my party and made it such a special evening.

    From a tenant who lives at Yardley Hastings 


  • My daughter has lived at Oakfield for twenty-one years and has always been well cared for and very happy in that time. The home is kept to an extremely high standard of cleanliness and neatness. The residents have individual programmes tailor made for them which can include gardening, swimming and various work experiences. The residents are always given a choice, whether it is to try a new activity, a place to visit, a holiday or their own meal choice. My daughter’s dietary requirements have always been met and carried out to a high standard. The staff always respect and listen to the clients’ wishes and try really hard to promote independence for every resident. There are also good parental links and communication between Oakfield, the client and the parents. I would highly recommend Oakfield to any parent with a special needs son or daughter.

    Margaret Sharma.


  • My brother has been a resident at Oakfield since it first opened in 1981. He leads an active and fulfilling life, is content and very happy. He has a busy social life and recently has obtained a small job to meet with his capabilities. He apparently loves this, although, due to his disability, I am told he is content to work in short bursts.

    The carers at Oakfield are delightful people and help to optimise the lives of the residents. They are very dedicated and treat the residents with kindness and professionalism. I know that my parents always felt that my brother was well looked after in a caring and safe environment and that this was a comfort to them in their later years. Now, as my brother's closest relative, I feel the same towards Oakfield.

    Campbell Singer


  • I have had the privilege of knowing everyone at Oakfield for around 3 years. I find Oakfield to be distinguished by its warm, homely atmosphere. I believe it to be a nurturing safe environment where the focus is not on disability but ability. Residents are encouraged to function at their full potential within this close community where individual needs are sensitively catered for.

    Polly Howard

  • I visited today to train the team in moving and handling with hoisting, I observed that there was great group dynamics. All of members were enthusiastic and willing to participate in every aspect of the trainig. I look forward to working with them all again.

    Rachel Fallon


  • I worked at Oakfield for seventeen years as a support worker and always found that the residents were treated with respect and dignity.  They enjoyed an environment that many would envy, being in the middle of the countryside. The home has undergone many changes in the past nineteen years but it has always put the needs of the residents first.  It is a privilege to be a friend of the residents and a part of their lives even though only a small part.

    Pat Smith


  • Oakfield is always a warm and friendly environment, no matter when you visit.

    Oakfield provides invaluable support for the families who have residents cared for there.

    Oakfield staff ensure that they tailor the care to meet the individual needs of each of the residents.

    Our family member has most certainly developed in several areas and become more independent since living at Oakfield. He has achieved more social skills, and has the opportunity to do gardening and attend forest school.

    Oakfield embraces new challenges for both staff and residents. 

    Oakfield residents and staff interact with the local  and surrounding community .

    We are always made welcome when attending social events etc organised by Oakfield.

    David and Carole