Residents participate in the development of their own Person Centred Care Plan (PCCP) in which the involvement of family and friends is also encouraged and valued. The PCCP contains the core values which are fundamental to the philosophy of our homes: dignity and rights, fulfilment, privacy, freedom, choice. Each plan, which is reviewed regularly, is a working plan that changes with the needs of the individual, and covers the six strands of diversity: gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs and disability. The plans are available electronically and are tailor made to the individual in a format which can be understood easily. Everybody we support has two named key workers who ensure that they are happy with the plan and the care managers ensure that the key workers have the training and knowledge to implement the plan on a daily basis.

Included in each PCCP is a comprehensive risk assessment which is managed positively to help individuals to lead the lives they choose. Any limitations on freedom, choice or facilities are based on the their best interests and, where he/she is able to do so, is encouraged to understand and agree limitations where they exist. These limitations are fully documented and amended when needed.