Meet the Staff

Courtney - Care Staff Member

“I have worked at Oakfield for over 3 years and started on a level 1 grade. Since then I have achieved level 2 in health and social care and also started my health and social level 3 which are all known qualifications in the care field. I have gained so much since working at Oakfield. I’ve grown in myself and also my knowledge with the training that I have done. As you can see, I have been given a lot of opportunity from working at Oakfield.

Oakfield feels like a big working family with staff and residents and everyone is always willing to help each other out when needed. During my induction, all the staff were very welcoming and were always there to teach me. As this is my first job in care I started from the lower grade with help and because of the great level of confidence in me, I have developed a lot.

Working at Oakfield has been amazing, there have been ups and downs but I always come out smiling and knowing I am helping someone with a learning disability enjoy their life as much as possible and helping them with day to day living and tasks gives a great job satisfaction.

I enjoy working but also enjoy having days off to do various things such as gym and just generally enjoying my life doing things that make me happy.”

Ellen - Good Life Manager

“I was employed at Oakfield in 1995 as a senior support worker, which is a role I enjoy, especially working with the residents. Previously I was working within the care sector within residential and day centre, but was made aware of Oakfield through contacts in the village and called them to see if they had any care vacancies. I then worked towards my NVQ 3 qualification in 2008 which gave me the personal development I needed to apply for the position of care manager and I then undertook this role until 2013 when I took over as manager of the Good Life Project.

The Good Life Project combines my desire to help and care as well as my hobbies in caring for livestock and farm management. I get great satisfaction out of seeing the development that the residents make after successfully growing and eating seasonal vegetables, and caring for livestock.

In my free time outside working hours I enjoy looking after my horses and livestock and attending farm and collective sales.”