As part of Oakfield's daily living, it is important that independent living skills with learning experiences contain as much fun as possible. We attempt to facilitate any reasonable request for an activity from a resident. After a risk assessment and the activity being regarded as having no worse than an acceptable level of risk, the activity will be added to the range accessible to the individual.

Residents' involvement in decision making regarding their day to day lives is encouraged and meetings are held to discuss any issues arising within the homes such as holidays, outings, parties etc. They are consulted on a wide range of aspects of their lives, from their preferred activities to the colour scheme of their rooms. Within Oakfield we believe that all individuals should have equal rights and opportunities and it is our aim to provide a service that meets the unique needs and circumstances of each resident. Residents are also able to attend and participate in directors' meetings. Oakfield has an 'open door' policy and any suggestions that are made are welcome.