5th Jul 2018

Summer Time

Two 50th birthday parties were held during June, one at Easton Maudit and the other at Yardley Hastings.  Food and entertainment were provided at both and the latter was attended by residents/tenants from both sites as well as family and friends, some of whom had travelled from as far away as West Yorkshire.

Residents/tenants holidays are still ongoing and include a recent vacation in Great Yarmouth.  There is currently a group holidaying at the Center Parcs in Elveden Forest and thoroughly enjoying the warm weather and the activities on offer.  Photos will follow in the next newletter of the 'guys' stroking one of the forest deer who appeared behind their villa.

In between the holidays residents/tenants are also participating in a number of other outings which have included a trip to Wickstead Park with the local Gateway Club, fortnightly trips to Northampton Sailability, weekly visits to a local disco and Gateway where different organised activities.

On the 28th June Oakfield Yardley Hastings had an inspection visit from Northampton Quality Checkers who awarded a Gold Certificate of Achievement. We are all very pleased with this result and Oakfield would like to thank all the staff who have contributed to this wonderful result.