Snow and Sun!!!!

22nd Mar 2018

Snow and Sun


Well ........ what a changeable month it has been what with the snow, sunshine and more snow.

Most workplaces were able to close their doors and employees could take time off to spend time with their families making snowmen, having snowball fights and sledging down dangerously steep slopes in the hope that they could avoid the stream at the bottom of the hill.  Not so our hospitals, emergency services and care homes such as ours who are dedicated to caring for the sick and vulnerable.

The road to our Easton Maudit home became almost impassable with the snow and the drifts at the beginning of the month but, in spite of this, our amazing staff went above and beyond to ensure that our residents were safe and well cared for.  Even the animals seemed to cope with the snow. 

The above pictures demonstrate that our staff and residents found other activies in which to participate whilst the snow was falling, including baking and relaxing with a foot spa, as well as building snowmen and caring for the animals in the Good Life Project.  Before we knew it, the sun was shining again and residents were relaxing outside  enjoying the daffodils which had suddenly appeared non the worse for the cold snap.

Easter will soon be upon us and we have many plans to celebrate this festivity.  Each year all residents and tenants receive an Easter egg.  For the few who don't like chocolate an alternative treat will be provided.  Our annual Easter egg hunt takes place at both homes on Easter Sunday which most residents enjoy.

Future events include our Garden Party on Sunday 13th May at Easton Maudit where plants grown on the Good Life Project will be on sale.  In addition there will a barbecue, raffle and live entertainment.  Further information can be obtained by calling 01933 664222.