Advent of Autumn

5th Oct 2018

As our long hot summer creeps into autumn so change is creeping into Oakfield.

For a brief introduction to our new manager, Lawrence, who joined us at the beginning of August, which sums up his career history and experience to date, click here.  Inevitably a new broom will always sweep clean and there are changes afoot at both our Easton Maudit and Yardley Hastings sites.

Over the last six months the Directors have been keen to implement a refurbishment plan and, from the boring to the exciting, to begin the flow we had a new, more efficient, septic tank installed at Easton Maudit.  Subsequent redecoration of some of the rooms of the people we support followed along with a temporary snack room for them to avoid disturbing the main activities in the kitchen.  Refurbishment work has started on converting the one end of the main dining room into a more spacious seniors' office and a well ventilated medication room.  To achieve this the doorway to a redundant cupboard in the film/recreation room has been blocked off and this cupboard will also form part of the new medication room.  Watch this space for further developments.

At Yardley Hastings a grant has been received to develop community working in the gardens and the local school is very keen to work with us on the project. The school has subsequently extended an invitation to their Harvest Festival on 19th October and the retiring collection will be put towards developing the garden for the benefit of Oakfield and the school.

Continuing the Harvest Festival theme one of our Good Life Project attendees created a hamper for auction at the Easton Maudit Harvest Festival, the proceeds of which were donated to the local church.

Finally, five of the people we support at Yardley Hastings were accompanied by three support workers to a late holiday in Blackpool and, judging from the photos, mementoes and happy smiling faces that returned, a good time was had by all.